• Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

    Initiating Lasting Change: What are Neural-pathways?

    Neural-pathways control actions we do with little thought. Neural-pathways are like a little computer program that enables us to do many of the things we do, each day, with little effort. For instance, we don’t have to think, in order to be able to walk. We drive our cars with very little methodical thought about […]

  • Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

    Change – Involuntary vs. Intentional Change

    Understanding change and the process of intentional change can help us in the journey. As I am a Certified Coach this is one area I understand. I know, that I have not applied what I know to my weight problem – until now. I will share and discuss change in this section. Topics: Why is […]

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    Gallstones: 11 Foods to Avoid: Gallbladder

    Gallstones: 11 Foods To Avoid Gallbladder problems are common and gallstones are difficult to prevent. Once you have gallstones, there’s always a possibility that they will recur. For most people, the only way to prevent gallstones from recurring is to remove the gall bladder completely. Foods To Avoid For People With Gallstones or Gallbadder Problems […]

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    Fructose: Why Prepared Foods are so Addictive

    Fructose is added to food products is one of the key reasons you should not eat prepared foods. I didn’t understand the magnitude of how severely fructose interferes with weight loss. The amount of Fructose North Americans are consuming is part of the underlying cause of the increasing obesity, particularly in the US. Fructose is […]

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    Arthritis: Osteoarthritis : Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Often people think that arthritis is something that only afflicts older people, however, it affects 1 in 7 Canadians, half of whom are between 30 and 50years of age. Arthritis is derived from the Greek words arthron for “joint”and ïtis for ” inflammation”. Osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA) are the two most common types […]

  • Eating Sensibly

    Wellness and Nutrition

    Statistics show the saying “we are what we eat” is not just a pat saying. It is the truth. Wellness and nutrition are bedfellows.  The difference between what one family eats and another has never been further apart. One family may live on pizza and burgers, while their neighbor lives on Chinese take-out and Fried […]

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    Are Wi-Fi and Cell Phones Health Risks?

    Are Wi-Fi and Cell Phones Health Risks? With our growing exposure to waves from Wi-Fi and Cell Phones, some people are concerned that it may be a health risk. The waves emitted by cell phones and Wi-Fi are very low and are not considered to be a health risk. Infrared rays are embraced by come […]

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    Quantum Physics and Health: Earthing or Grounding

    There are many ways of understanding our world and our bodies. I am fascinated by Quantum Physics and some of the explanations offered by people in the Field of Quantum Physics. In the second video Dr Oschman explains Earthing or Grounding and some of the concepts of alternative medicine which relate to reducing inflammation and […]

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    Caveman Diet

    Supporters of the Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet say people are genetically programmed to eat like cavemen did before the agricultural revolution. Supporters argue the Caveman Diet is a way to cut the spiraling cases of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions plaguing American adults. The Caveman Diet: How It Works Research indicates […]

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    Exercise and Eating Wisely

    Exercise has more benefits than weight loss. In fact, as a tool for weight loss, I don’t see exercise as the best solution. If you look at how much exercise you need to burn just a few extra calories, it is pretty depressing. If you eat one apple you have to exercise for half an […]

  • Eat yourself thin

    Raw Food Diet

      Raw Food Diet – Energy Boosting I recently attended a Meet-up and the husband and wife who arranged the evening were proponents of the Raw Food Diet. Now, I have never thought eating a Raw Food Diet, was all that realistic or achievable. However, seeing how radiant and young this couple were, made me […]

  • Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

    Neuroscience: Law of Attraction: The Science of Change

    Power of Attraction The Law of Attraction is based on neuroscience. Understanding the Law of Attraction can change your life. Neuroscientists see our minds as energy fields. What you focus on determines the connections your brain makes. As the neurons connect, new neural-pathways are created, and we project that energy.  Eventually it becomes our reality. Lasting […]