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  • sugar and obesity

    Fructose: Why Prepared Foods are so Addictive

    Fructose is added to food products is one of the key reasons you should not eat prepared foods. I didn’t understand the magnitude of how severely fructose interferes with weight loss. The amount of Fructose North Americans are consuming is part of the underlying cause of the increasing obesity, particularly in the US. Fructose is […]

  • Eating Sensibly

    Wellness and Nutrition

    Statistics show the saying “we are what we eat” is not just a pat saying. It is the truth. Wellness and nutrition are bedfellows.  The difference between what one family eats and another has never been further apart. One family may live on pizza and burgers, while their neighbor lives on Chinese take-out and Fried […]

  • Eat yourself thin

    Caveman Diet

    Supporters of the Paleo Diet or Caveman Diet say people are genetically programmed to eat like cavemen did before the agricultural revolution. Supporters argue the Caveman Diet is a way to cut the spiraling cases of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions plaguing American adults. The Caveman Diet: How It Works Research indicates […]

  • exercise

    Exercise and Eating Wisely

    Exercise has more benefits than weight loss. In fact, as a tool for weight loss, I don’t see exercise as the best solution. If you look at how much exercise you need to burn just a few extra calories, it is pretty depressing. If you eat one apple you have to exercise for half an […]

  • Eat yourself thin

    Raw Food Diet

      Raw Food Diet – Energy Boosting I recently attended a Meet-up and the husband and wife who arranged the evening were proponents of the Raw Food Diet. Now, I have never thought eating a Raw Food Diet, was all that realistic or achievable. However, seeing how radiant and young this couple were, made me […]

  • hampton diet

    Hampton’s Diet Review

    I have been writing my last few posts as reviews of various diets. The Hamptons Diet is an updated version of the Mediterranean Diet, with macadamia nut oil, replacing the olive oil usually found in the Mediterranean Diet. Like most low carb diets, it works on restricting the amount of carbs and attests that use […]

  • healthy eating

    Zone Diet – Review

    I am reviewing different diets, which I have tried, prior to starting my present weight loss journey. As of now, my belief is that it is better to adopt the eating patterns of normal weight people, than it is to follow diet plans. Diet plans do not work for a variety of reasons. Mainly because […]

  • fibre

    Atkins Diet Review

    Today I will review the Atkins Diet. I am taking a Weight Loss Coaching program to complement my designation as a Certified Coach. This will help me on my journey and will give me the skills to help others when I achieve my goals. My present point of view is diets don’t work and that […]

  • Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

    Fast Way to Lose Weight in Just a Week

    Fast Way to Lose Weight in Just a Week Many people today are seeking for easy ways on how they can lose weight fast. But you do not have to starve yourself, take unusual supplements, or cut out food groups just to shed some pounds. You just need to sacrifice some things and combine them […]

  • hampton diet

    DASH Diet Review

    The Dash Diet is a heart healthy diet that is nutritionally sound Many dieters and professionals state that the Dash Diet takes a lot of grunt work and is somewhat pricey.  The Dash Diet is similar to the TLC Diet, Mediterranean Diet Mayo Clinic Diet, and the Vegetarian Diet. DASH Diet The Dash Diet was […]

  • Eat yourself thin

    The Paleo Diet

    The Paleo Diet gets a lot of publicity. It is also called the cave man diet. Not well liked by some nutritionists, the Paleo Diet, or Caveman Diet, is popular with others. Nutrition is an inexact science, in my opinion. If you listen to all there is out there you would never be able to […]