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  • Recalls Health Canada – Product Recall: Health & Safety

    Health Product Recall Periodically products that have not been approved by Health Canada appear on the shelves of stores or are marketed through Network Marketing or MLM organizations. Although some of these may meet the standards to the US Drug authorities, or the Drug administration of other countries where they are often manufactured, all products […]

  • Consumer Product Recalls : Health & Safety

    Consumer Safety Sometimes products are developed by well meaning companies and it isn’t until they are on the market that it becomes evident that they are not safe. For this reason, Health Canada offers a product recall listing service. We provide it here for you to check, from time to time, or prior to making […]

  • FOOD Recalls, Resources, Links: Health & Safety

    Food Safety 4 Simple Steps. Clean, Separate, Cook, Chill Learn helpful information about food safety. Keep your family safe from bacteria and food poisoning. Visit: Be Food Safe The link above takes you to a Canadian Partnership comprised of various health organizations, and is focused on Consumer Education. Cooking Temperatures, food storage and food handling […]