Neuroscience: Law of Attraction: The Science of Change

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Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

Power of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is based on neuroscience. Understanding the Law of Attraction can change your life. Neuroscientists see our minds as energy fields. What you focus on determines the connections your brain makes. As the neurons connect, new neural-pathways are created, and we project that energy.  Eventually it becomes our reality. Lasting change only occurs when we build new neural-pathways

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Change what you Attract into your Life

Take for example a paperclip, and a magnet.  On its own the paper clip is not magnetic. But take a magnet and stroke that paper clip in the same direction for a few minutes, and the magnetism from the magnet is now transferred to the paper clip. The paper chip will change from being neutral to being magnetic. Interestingly the magnet has not lost any energy in the process, but the paperclip has become magnetic. Now the magnet can pick up other paper clips.

Making Change Happen

The same happens in our brain, focus on one thing enough, and that is where your brains energy will go. We align our brain to match our thoughts.  While we may think we aren’t getting what we think about, we are in reality. Change happens with or without our participation. Change is a reality. If we want to have a say in determining the type of change that occurs, we must be proactive in controlling our focus.

Wishing and getting are dependent on focus. If we want it bad enough, and we omit the sabotaging aspect of our thought cycle, we are more likely to see our wishes become realities. We must focus on solutions not fixes. If we say, “I want to be healthier, and will be as soon as I finish school”  our focus will be on finishing school, but at the same time we have given ourselves an reason to delay finishing school. Finishing school will force us to be accountable to our goal to be healthier, and if we aren’t really willing to be accountable to our goal of health, then we are self-sabotaging both goals.

The Law of Attraction Controls Change

The reason the Law of Attraction works, is because focusing on a goal, or the successful achievement of that goal, results in us clearing the pathways necessary to accommodate actions that support that goal. When we are focused on something, we give it priority and other priorities fall into lower positions on our priority list.  How we visualize our goals matters. If we want meaningful change. We must envision the change we want. If we want to lose weight — focusing on losing weight is self-defeating. Visualizing ourselves as having already achieved having the lean healthy body and then synchronizing all our behaviors to support that image, will propel us toward that goal. We will begin to eat like a lean person eats. We will exercise like a lean person exercises. We will soon find our vision will become a reality.


  1. Sheryl said on February 5, 2012 2:56 pm:

    hey. Great post and a awesome blog. I am glad you are losing weight. It is so crucial for good health.