Quantum Physics and Health: Earthing or Grounding

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Eating Sensibly

There are many ways of understanding our world and our bodies. I am fascinated by Quantum Physics and some of the explanations offered by people in the Field of Quantum Physics. In the second video Dr Oschman explains Earthing or Grounding and some of the concepts of alternative medicine which relate to reducing inflammation and increases longevity. Earthing connects humans to electrons from the earth. Earthing, Dr. James Oschman, Dr. Mercola, - 100 Day Weight Loss Challenge

Quantum Physics Offers Answers

Dr. James Oschman, PhD Talks about what he calls the living matrix, consciousness and health. I like the thought he shares that for a very long time modern science could not explain how bumble bees fly, but the bumble bee did not care that we did not understand, it just flew anyway. I think that is a profound thought and statement. There are things we don’t understand, about life and the body. It doesn’t matter whether we understand or even if our explanations are later disproved, what matters most is that we develop ways of making sense of our world, so that we can maximize our potential.


Here is a second video by Dr. James Oschman which explains a little more about his background and philosophy. Internationally renowned natural health physician and Mercola.com founder, Dr. Joseph Mercola discuss the alternative health field. Dr. James Oschman discusses the process of earthing, which is also known as grounding, and how it can help improve your health. He focuses on understanding how our body works using various aspects of alternative medicine. This is a long video but is interesting if you are interested in learning more about alternative medicines.

Earthing: Connecting to the Energy of the Earth

All people involved in alternative medicine talks about energy. The articles Dr. James Oschman has demystified some of the various alternative medicines. He explains the scientific basis of alternative medicines and energy fields. All matter is energy.

Earthing: Potential for Health and Longevity

Earthing or grounding is the act of connecting people to the earth. It talks about how Lance Armstrong, uses jerseys as a way of grounding himself. He explains the how Chiropractors and other alternative medicines are talking more about the concept of going back to what our ancestors did years ago. He talks about some research of how people who are connected to the earth show the transference of antioxidants to the body. The first discovery is people sleep better if they are grounded. The day-night coritsol levels shift when people sleep connected to the ground. Earthing, or grounding also helps with inflammation. Dr. Mercola believes this information about earthing will be one of the biggest scientific discoveries in this generation.