Skin Health: Secrets to Youthful Radiant Skin

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Secrets to Youthful Radiant Skin

We All Want It: Youthful Radiant Skin

Lifestyle choices can make you look five to ten years older. Some simple changes can keep your skin looking young, vibrant and fresh. Identify what you are doing well, and areas where you can make changes that will show on your skin, and turn back the clock of time with a younger looking face.

Allow Time for Rejuvenation

When we are young, we can party all night. When we are raising a family, busy with our career and have responsibilities at home, our sleep may suffer. As we age, we can develop habits as simple as watching TV, surfing the internet, or doing hobbies that detain us from getting as much shut-eye as we should. Your skin ages faster if you lack sleep.

While you are young, you may be able to hide the effects of the night before, but over time, it plays havoc on your skin, aging it faster. Older people who look young for their years are often those who have consistently been getting enough sleep throughout their lives.

Healthy and Happy in Your Own Skin

Nothing will age you faster than the yo-yo effect. Repeatedly gaining weight, then crash dieting, destroys the skin’s elasticity. Gaining weight stretches the skin, and crash dieting does not allow the skin enough time to readjust. If you need to lose weight, do it by eating a balanced diet, and lose it gradually. The reward of losing weight slower will show on your skin, but more importantly, a gradual weight loss usually results in the likelihood of maintaining the loss.

You are What You Eat

Avoid all the sugar, salt, additives, artificial flavouring, cholesterol, fat, and unhealthy over-processed products that lurk in junk food. Highly processed food and junk food are devoid of the natural nutrients your body needs. Saggy, baggy, dull skin was never caused by a lack of candy bars and chips!

Your skin needs vitamins, minerals, protein, and other nutrients you get from fresh fruit, vegetables, meat or fish, beans, legumes, grains and wholesome foods. Don’t go too far with eliminating fat. Your skin needs dietary fat from sources like nuts, or avocados. You can notice effects, if you radically clean up your diet, in a matter of weeks. You can look young for your years, by following a healthier diet than your peers.

A Golden Glow

Sure you can look like you just arrived off a sunny beach in Mexico, year round, if you hang out under UV lamps or lay in the sun. However, over the years your skin will turn leathery and look much older than your paler looking friends. The UV rays of the sun damage your skin.

Leathery, older looking skin is not the only danger tanning holds. The real danger of skin cancer escalates for those who are exposed to more UV rays. Choose to filter the sun and be vigilant about not burning. It may be wiser to augment your complexion using make-up and sunless tanning lotions. Of course, when choosing make-up or sunless tanning products, another issue arises. Do your due diligence about the contents of products you use on your skin.

Any time you are exposed to sun for extended periods of time, use sunscreen or otherwise shade your face. Vitamin D is essential to good health, and the best source is sunshine. However, at the same time, one only needs to look at the skin that is regularly exposed to sun, and the skin on other parts of the body where exposure to the sun doesn’t occur, to know that sun ages your skin. Older people who look younger for their years are more likely to be shade lovers than sun worshipers.

Lifestyle Choices Matter

These tips will keep your skin looking younger for longer. They are all relatively easy to do, and have other health benefits. Sometimes the answer for one life challenge is also the answer to other life challenges