The Complexity of Beliefs

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Our beliefs are the powerhouse of our thoughts. If we know Santa Claus is not going to come with his reindeer and climb down our chimney—we aren’t going to spend time dreaming of him bringing our favorite toys. As adults we know that if we want extras in life, we have to earn them.

beliefs, food, diets, weight lossHowever, once we recognize Santa is only a fairytale figure we don’t go out and tell every child under five that they are deluded.  Learning comes in its own time. As they say “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Notwithstanding if we wait, to become ready to change, we never will. We must step out of the comfort zone, but others can’t do that for us.  Our beliefs about diet, food, and weight loss play a definite role in our ability to sustain a weight loss. Our beliefs about food, diets and weight loss must be able to help us maintain a normal weight.

Beliefs: Abandoning Faulty Beliefs, and Acquiring Healthy Beliefs about Food, Diets and Weight Loss

The coach doesn’t confront you if you believe in Santa Claus, but a coach will certainly provide lots of opportunities for the client to explore the validity of that belief. The coaching process gives you an opportunity to discover and abandon faulty beliefs and helps you acquire new healthier beliefs with regards to food, diets and weight loss.

Coaches will hold clients accountable, but they will not relentlessly crack the whip. As coaches assist us in changing faulty beliefs they facilitate growth, they will supply catalysts, and will provide strategy. The decisions are still made by the client.  While we have all been, at some point in our lives, of the mindset, or belief that we think we need someone to force us – we know that won’t work.  The enforcer is not going to be there 24-7. Enforcement has little power to change our beliefs about food, diets and weight loss.

The coach strives to understand the frame of reference of the client. We often acquire beliefs about food, weight, and diets early in life and hold them for a lifetime. As the coach strives to understand the client, starts to understand their own behavior also. They come to realize at times they are bargaining with themselves, they are defying their own authority over their own decisions or they are absolving themselves of responsibility for their own actions.  As a coach and client work together these breakthroughs come more quickly and easier for the client.

A coach is empathic and oriented toward the client’s success. The coach and client work together in a collaborative way, striving to co-create a new life story. The client is at the helm, deciding where the story will go. It is the ultimate choose your own adventure story book. The client comes to may forks in the road and the path they choose determines the next chapters in the story.

Motivation to Change Beliefs

The question is “are you ready to start co-creating the story you really want”.

As a mentor and coach, one of the most memorable experiences I have is a couple who had two month old twins when the husband was seriously injured in a mining accident. After weeks of not even knowing whether he would live, he stabilized.  He would need to be on full dialysis until he found a kidney transplant. This young couple faced the hardest crossroads one could imagine, as they wrestled to figure out what to do.

Their belief was that the most important thing was to spend as much time as they could together.  His life hung on a limb, there was no guarantee he would find a donor soon enough. It also meant, if he was going to come home from the hospital, he would need care. Together they decided she would quit her job, and supplement his disability payments with some form of self-employed income.  It was at this point that we crossed paths. I was looking for a buyer for a home-based gift basket business.

I was intending to provide only a couple of weeks training, but this situation needed more support than that. I mentored them for a year and a half while he waited for a kidney transplant. He lay on dialysis taking orders over the phone. When she got the babies down for their afternoon nap, she ran out and made deliveries.  They managed to earn enough money that their net income, not paying daycare for two infants, matched their pre-accident income.  They coped with huge challenges and were not only happier they had the opportunity to spend more time with one another and with the babies. It matched their values and beliefs. They were living the life they wanted, given the difficult circumstances.

It was inspirational to me, and to this day, moves me to understand how strong we really are, when we have a clear focus.  If we can just get a clear vision of what our lives will be if we live them in a state of optimal wellness, our obstacles will diminish and the goal will capture our imagination and energy. Our beliefs will propel us toward our goal. Our beliefs will make us unstoppable.

It is our beliefs that define our destiny. It is definitely true about our beliefs about food, diets and weight loss. The beliefs we hold either empower us – or form barriers to our success. Can you think of beliefs about food, diets or weight loss that you hold which are ineffective?


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