Values: How much do you Value Good Health?

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Value Based Health Care

The goal is to value prevention, as a way of minimizing the need for expensive interventions which are costly. Understanding that taking a proactive approach to your health aims toward ‘ sudden death – only in overtime’. In other words minimizing premature deaths or deaths that occur before full life expectancy is reached.

How much do you value health?

If we are asked if we value health, all of us would answer “yes!” We know it would be foolish to say anything else. However, for many of us, the evidence of where our health plays out in our priorities, would show we don’t value health as much as we should. Unfortunately, many people wait until they get a wake-up call before they really put their health first.

Many of us take good health for granted. Others of us when struck with relatively small health challenges, feel like giving up. The fact is even when illness strikes, we are not ‘defined by the diagnosis’. We are all capable of incredible things!

Read this FIRST

Rank these from one to ten (using the numbers one to ten only once each), based on how much you value them:

___  money

___  relationships

___  family

___  my job

___ being physically fit

___ optimal health

___ normal weight

___ freedom

___ my home

___  my car or belongings

Chances are, it is hard to rank that list. We value all of those things.  It is a question of how much we value them. Some of them are undeniably interlinked. If we value freedom, it is the ability to make our own choices that we value. If we value the freedom to make choices but do not exercise that right when it comes to the food we eat and the way we treat our body physically, it is likely that eventually we will find ourselves challenged by health issues.

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