Cancer Treatment – Conventional vs Natural – Video

June 28, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Natural vs Big Pharma


Choosing Cancer Treatment

It is a loaded question most of us don’t want to answer. “Would you choose the medical or a natural approach if you learned you had advanced cancer?” It is a question that many of the doctors on who have listings on this site may not even agree on. It is a choice that a doctor or an individual may change their opinion on over time. It is a decision, that can be altered by what we have witnessed. For all of us exploring whether cancer can be cured naturally, can be an opportunity to exercise critical thinking.

Watch the documentary (Below) and Discuss it with Others

Can Cancer be Cured Naturally? A polarizing Argument

Some doctors, who were strictly, medical change courses mid-stream in their careers and retrain as natural health practitioners. They may make this decision due to a personal experience, or as a result of losing faith in a system they once believed in.

Perhaps the better question is can both methods of treatment be used together and get even better results? Is it really a black and white argument? We encourage doctors and individuals to add comments below, after watching this video. What about the power of faith? What about the placebo effect? Is empirical evidence more valid than anecdotal evidence?

At no time, is the agenda of this website, to make choices on your behalf. The goal is to provide you with information and then encourage you to seek answers from your primary care givers and those you trust. This website will often provide controversial natural remedy information, as it seems the amount of information that is pro-Big Pharma is available everywhere and sometimes providing another point-of-view opens dialogue. Dialogue with your caregivers is always a good thing.

Can Cancer your Cure Cancer Naturally?

This highly emotional video, argues that cancer can be cured naturally. Maybe cancer can be cured naturally. It is very hard to know if the percentage of people whose experience verifies cancer can be cured naturally, is higher or equivalent to the Big-Pharma methodology, simply because Big-Pharma has a lot more money to throw at research and it is highly unethical to do scientific studies to prove cancer can be cured naturally by using human subjects. Which may lead to the question, is it ethical for Big-Pharma to test drugs on humans, even after animal studies, if one-side of the study subjects have a higher chance of dying.

Can you Cure Cancer Naturally? This Video says Yes

Is the word “cure” too strong of a word. What does cure mean? In the medical world, living 5 years cancer free is considered a cure, even if the person relapses the next year.

Most of the doctors in this video are medically trained. It is thought provoking. We are interested in hearing your comments. This video is not provided with any intent of implying that doctors, and practitioners on this site hold this point of view. The point-of-view of practitioners is varied. As your doctor.

Many times doctors are prohibited from stating a point-of-view that ‘cancer can be cured naturally’ because they have no proof. Of course, we have to respect this position.


This website provides information, without intent of influencing your decisions. It is provided to give you an opportunity to see the viewpoint of various groups and individuals. The final choice you make must be made between you, your loved ones and your doctors. is not liable for any decision you make. has no evidence as to which is the right approach and the best approach may vary from person-to-person, dependent on health history. Nothing on this site is a substitute for the opinion of your primary healthcare provider.