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Alcohol Calorie Calculator
August 21, 2014 Health Calculators
Calories from Alcohol This handy calculator will help you understand the differences between various types of alcoholic beverages, when it comes to calories consumed in a week, and can help you make h... Read More
Water Intake Calculator
Water Intake Calculator Are you getting enough water? Dehydration can occur more often in hot weather, or with exercise. Some drinks are diuretic, meaning that although you are drinking, the electroly... Read More
Renal Diet Calculator
Modifying Diet for Renal Patients This calculator is intended for practitioners. Please visit your Dietician, Nutritionist and/or Doctor before using this calculator. Anyone who has kidney disorders s... Read More
Lean Body Mass Calculator
Calculate your Lean Body Mass To use this calculator you need to have your percentage of body fat (Body Fat Calculator) While we often focus on BMI and focus on the percentage of fat in the body, the ... Read More