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Chiropractic Philosophy
Results of a Survey about the Chiropractic Philosophy was answered by 3000 chiropractors on 6 continents. This video is done by Dr. Gentempo, a Chiropractor, who coaches other chiropractors in focusing on philosophically based chiropractic practice. There are two schools of thought among chiropractors. Some chiropractors are seeking to push chiropractic more in the direction of scientific proof, while others are seeking to return to the philosophical roots. Yet others believe there is a place for both approaches. This video is provided as an opportunity to initiate discussion for those who are interested in exploring Chiropractic Philosophy. It may or may not be agreed with by Chiropractors listed on this site.

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Find a Chiropractor in your Area: Begin your Search for a Chiropractor HERE!

Thirty years ago, Chiropractic philosophy was of a topic of discussion, in every chiropractic office, at almost all visits. Chiropractic in its infancy was deeply rooted in philosophy. As the years have rolled on, more and more the Philosophy has come under fire. It can be very polarizing. Some chiropractors, are more inclined to integrate their philosophy in their practice.

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Simply put, original chiropractic philosophy believes all healing is “above, down, inside, out”. The belief is that the innate potential of the body and nervous system is that it has the power to heal itself when subluxations are removed from the spinal column, allowing neurological energy to flow through the body unimpeded.

The Questions Dr. Gentempo asks are:

1) I believe there are significant transitions coming that will significantly change coming to regulations and/or consumer behaviors as it relates to my practice.

  • – 38% strongly agreed
  •  16% not sure
  •  6% disagreed
  • 1% strongly disagreed

2) I believe that having a clear philosophy that I own, is a critical factor for success in my career and life.

  • 79%  strongly agree
  • 17% agree
  • 2% were not sure
  • .8% disagreed
  • .6% strongly disagreed

3) I currently have a strategy or process that provides me with a clear philosophy that guides my thinking and actions.

  • 40 strongly agree
  • 42% agree
  • 12% were not sure
  • 5% disagree
  • .6% strongly disagree

Whether this survey is an accurate representation of Chiropractors, is unknown, as it was initially circulated by chiropractors who are interested in Dr. Gentempo’s viewpoint. Nonetheless whether you, or other chiropractors agree, we all know that we have a physical response to emotions, experiences, and our underpinning philosophy. We cannot deny that in certain situations we feel it in our gut when we are but in anxiety situations. We may feel anxiety in our legs when we are in a situation that causes a fight or flight response. Why then would anyone question, or doubt, the impact of our philosophy on our health and our health outcomes?

Our psychological state seemingly impacts our health. The question we may want to ask, but can never answer conclusively is whether our health effects our psychological well-being, or our psychological state results in health issues — the old chicken or egg argument.

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