Depression: Natural Options – Video

June 27, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Natural vs Big Pharma


Depression Beyond Imagination

How you feel is when you are clinically depressed is simply beyond the imagination of a person who has never suffered from depression, or only experienced mild depression. Your head can feel vacant, your chest crushed with pain, or you may feel like your core has been vacuumed straight out of you. It remains the most misunderstood illness and carries a huge stigma.

( Disclaimer: The Testimonial in this article, may or may not be the opinion of practitioners on this site. It is provided as a point-of-view. The choice you make needs to be made in consultation with licensed healthcare practitioners.)

Desperate for Relief

It is not uncommon for severely depressed people to feel like they should “end it all” and with that they have the misconception that others would be better without them. Depression is fraught with feelings of powerlessness, hopelessness and even then the rational side of a sufferer, knows their feelings are irrational, it is a daunting task just to function even marginally.

The natural tendency of a person who is depressed is to isolate themselves. As they become more isolated, general hygiene, feelings that it isn’t worth getting out of bed, and general deterioration of self-worth escalate.

I have watched this video. It contains a lot of good information, however, it totally fails to look at natural remedies. At the end of the video, it does talk about Hormonal issues, and indeed, perhaps a lot of mental illness comes from underlying hormonal, dietary or other issues that need to be treated. You may be able to mask mental health issues with drugs, but if you haven’t addressed the cause, how effective will it be? EXPLORE your options!”

There are Options!

Check with Practitioners on this site, or your own doctor. There are many options other than those presented in this video. Explore your options. This video is well worth watching, for anyone who has a loved one who suffers from depression.

Scientific evidence shows that the hypo-campus and amygdala of someone suffering from depression are different from a person who is not suffering from depression. Depression may exist independently from other mental illnesses, or can co-exhibit with PTSD, or other mood disorders.

Mental Illness in Canada

This video, seems to include some forms of shock therapy that are not commonly used in Canada. Unfortunately, Canada has cut back on care for mentally ill people beyond anything done by a psychiatrist, there are few options covered by the medical health care system. Most of us would agree that hospitalization, at least not, long-term is not the answer, mental illness plays a role in marriage breakdown, and even homelessness.

As resources for caring for people with mental illness have dried up, it seems like we as a society, have to some extent turned a blind-eye to this health issue. Unfortunately, depression and mental illness can and does effect people at all income levels, and all too often, when mental illness strikes financial well-being can be shattered further eroding the life quality of the person suffering from depression.

Fortunately, there are answers. Fortunately, at least some of these answers can be found through practitioners on this site. Talk therapy, counseling, and/or other natural remedies prescribed by a qualified practitioner can relieve depression, in some cases. Unfortunately, we often have to become our own advocate. Waiting for answers to come to us, is not the solution. Educating ourselves, and seeking answers from qualified practitioners is the often the solution.

  1. Anna said on June 27, 2014 8:59 pm:

    I felt like my life had changed and that I could never function again. MDs and Psychologists alike told me I would never work again. Then at the constant insistence of a friend, I reluctantly went to her homeopath. I was determined to prove it wouldn’t work.

    So, lucky for me I took the meds he gave me. It was life changing. After having not worked for 5 years, and after starting on Homeopathic remedies for only two weeks, I started looking for a job, of my own accord. Within a month I was working. I have never looked back. To this day, I do take Homeopathic remedies and at times have some very mild depression, but I want to tell you. It changed my life.

    Still the scientific part of me wants to say it doesn’t work. But, every time I stop taking the homeopathic meds, I start having mild depression. I have to say “I am a believer.”

  2. Joycelyn said on June 27, 2014 9:23 pm:

    My brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was in his twenties. He had lots of problems. He lost his job all the time. He had lots of depression. He was hospitalized several times. He didnt like taking the meds the MDs gave him because of the side effects. He ended up divorced and had more problems as he got older.
    When he remarried his wife made him to try herbal remedies. She had problems as a teenager and her family did the natural route. She got results.
    it got results for him too. It works and doesn’t have the side effects that Rx drugs did.