Fitness Calculator: Calories Burned based on Body Weight

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Fitness Calculator

This fitness calculator calculates the number of calories burned by different activities, when taking into consideration a persons, gender, height and weight.

Fitness Calculator: Calculates Calories Burned

Most obese people do feel like they are working harder to do the same exercise as normal weight people, and most normal weight people assume this is only because the person is not fit. Increasing physical fitness can make any activity easier, but it is not going to change the fact that the obese person is lugging along maybe the equivalent of 2, 3, or even 4 eleven kg bags of flour.

Have you ever been on a group outing a hike or a bike ride and found you could not keep up. While the slimmer fitter people raced ahead, they would finally think they should be courteous and stop to wait for you, and other heavier people, to catch up. As soon as the less fit, heavier people catch up, the others are raring to go again. This means the people who needed the break the worst, are faced with continuing without any time to relax.

Using the Fitness Calculator

The fitness calculator can help you be more realistic in your expectations as you work your way towards fitness. The goal is to become leaner and fitter. It cannot be done with exercise alone – if you have a lot of weight to lose – not can it be done by diet alone. If someone tells you that all you need to do is exercise, to lose weight, they are about 80% likely to be wrong. There are dozens of obese people in every Gym in Canada who can run ten km on a treadmill, follow that with 30 minutes on a bike doing hills, and they are just about the same weight three years later. Perhaps they do increase their food intake along with the speed with which they increase their exercise regime, but it just goes to show, that awareness of what we eat and eating only enough calories to sustain our normal weight and exercise level, is the only way to reduce weight and keep it off. As long as we are eating enough to maintain our obese weight, exercise alone will be, if anything, a very slow way to lose weight.

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