Homeopathy: The debate – Placebo or Great Medicine – Video

June 26, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Homeopathy,Videos


Since its inception 200 years ago, Homeopathy has changed very little and has been hotly debated by the medical and scientific communities. Does homeopathy work? Does the fact that it works for animals that do not know they are receiving homeopathic remedies, verify the credibility of homeopathy. This video gives a very good look at both sides of the debate. This debate took place at McGill University.

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<h3>Why is Homeopathy Debated?</h3>

While Homeopathy remains under fire from the medical community, it is more widely accepted in Germany, India and Great Britain. The British Royal family has used homeopathy for nearly 200 years. While the medical community and scientific community find fault with the methodology used to create homeopathic remedies, it seems there are many supporters of the profession. The testimonials of homeopathic patients supports the efficacy of this system of medicine.

The flaw in the eyes of science is that the level of dillusion of the ingredients in homeopathic remedies is simply too great to be significant. The comparison is like a drop in an ocean. The rebuttal of the scientific community is that there is no way water containing that small of an amount would have any effect. In fact, they argue that the same water has been through sewer systems and therefore has minute amounts of other ingredients.

The typical clinical trials used in science have failed to prove the effectiveness.

Some scientists are willing to suggest that the placebo effect is very powerful and if  a person believes it works, then it will work. They admit this is also evident in the medical pharmaceutical remedies. Some scientists believe that the homeopathic consultation is what makes it work. The homeopath spends more time, and listens more, to the patient. This validation of one’s life journey may be the most important healing effect of the homeopathic treatment.

It is unilaterally agreed that homeopathic remedies do not have negative side effects, and do no harm.

The final choice of the patient, and the results a patient receives is something that may cut through the need for scientific evidence and may be the only part that matters. If it works, and it can’t hurt, is it not worth a try?