Integrative Medicine: Dr. Patch Adams

June 28, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Integrative

Dr Patch Adams

Health and Wellness

An open minded approach to wellness includes looking at more than Drugs. It must include looking at work environment, social interaction, natural and medical care. The US culture results in patients feeling they have not been treated unless they are prescribed drugs. Many North Americans are getting the majority of their medical care from emergency rooms.

Dr. Patch Adams, Interview

Dr. Patch Adams choose to give freely what he felt was the most important. Love and humor have healing benefits. Dr. Patch Adams believes that the medical community has often lost sight of the real issue, because making money can often get in the way of doing the right thing for the patient.

Dr. Patch Adams on the Politics of Health

Dr. Patch Adams questions whether the North American healthcare system is actually market capitalism, rather than allopathic medicine. “The people at the top are want to stay at the top” he says. Dr. Patch Adams saw complementary medicine as doing things he could not do with medical medicine only. The value of using numerous modalities is that it enables the patient to benefit from all types of points-of-view or methods.