Home Remedies - Natural Beauty Recipes

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Home Remedies and Natural Beauty Recipes

Are you tired of using products with harmful chemicals, or concerned about the ingredients in over the counter medications?
Recipes for Natural RemediesLearn to make your own natural beauty products and home remedies. For centuries medicinal herbs and natural plant ingredients have been used for a wide range of beauty products and home remedies. Many of us are seeking to return to our roots – literally. Many roots of plants contain ingredients that are good for the health of our skin and our body.

Most of these recipes use products you can easily source in your own kitchen or can find locally. The products are easy to make and can save you considerable money. Why pay $50 or more for a two ounce bottle of facial rejuvenatory, when you can make something from natural ingredients that will cost you less than 10% of that and you will have the confidence to know that what you are putting on your skin is not a harmful chemical.

Remedies made from Food

   Did you know that common foods in your pantry can treat colds, skin conditions. burns, headaches, backaches, and a magnitude of other ailments?

Some families have passed on these recipes, whereas others have not. In the past two decades we have been bombarded with commercial products full of  additives. preservatives, parabens, chemicals and at the same time most people have accepted the price tag that came along with that.

Not only are these commercial products beastly expensive, many of them contain products which are harmful and in some cases are responsible for other health conditions as a side effect.

Many people forget that your skin is an organ.

In fact, your skin is your largest organ. It is designed to get rid of toxins and if you cover it up with chemical formulas, it can impede the work it was designed to do and those harmful chemicals actually enter your body through the skin.

215 Recipes from Natural Products

Nature intended us to be healthy, inside and out.

These recipes are easy to follow and will give you the products you need for your personal health and beauty for a fraction of the cost of over-the-counter products.

Why wait? Start today!

Don’t waste time surfing the net for each recipe you need. Get all the recipes in a format that empowers you to begin your journey to better health.