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1130 8th Street East , Saskatoon,
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Specialties: Acupuncturist,
Auricular Acupuncture and Medicine, Ayurveda Practitioner, Clinical
Herbalist (Reg), Holistic Nutritionist, Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine
(R.Hom), Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM)
Magnetic Therapist
Hours: 11.30 to 6.30  Mon to Friday, 1-5 Sat.

Ayurvedahomeopathic medicine

Ayurveda is a science of natural health where it finds balances and imbalances in your body and mind.

Herbal Medicine

Dr. Pahwa uses East Indian, Chinese and Western Herbs for the treatments of various Health problems. Herbal medicine is as old as human civilization. Over 70% of modern drugs have been discovered through the herbs.

Holistic Nutrition/Nutritional Medicine/Orthomolecular Medicine

Nutrition is the utmost need of any organism. Without better nutrition the body starts showing signs and symptoms of deficiencies throughout the body and the mind. Some important signs and symptoms of Nutritional Deficiencies are fatigue, tiredness, anemia, hair loss, hormonal imbalances, bone loss, bone pain, arthritis, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, excess sleep etc.

Homotoxicology philosophy indicated that the diseases pass through various developmental stages, from acute to chronic and their pathologies changes. If one encounters the earlier stages of the sickness and treats it with understanding of the homotoxicology know how, one can stop the progression of the disease(s).
Bach Flower and Related Remedies:

bach flowerEdward Bach discovered and prepared these remedies from flowers. These remedies work onthe emotional body. These remedies can help in treating Public Phobia, Claustrophobia, Animal Phobia, and Fear of speaking in public, Fear going to interviews, Stuttering, Stammering, Shyness, ADD, DHD, Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Concentration and Focus,Physical and Mental Weakness and many more. These remedies are also used in the emergency situations such as trauma, accident, travel etc.

In oligotherapy, remedies originate from natural substances such as minerals and ores. They are processed based on Homeopathic pharmaceutical procedures. These remedies help people at physical and mental levels.

It is branch of Plant Medicine where young buds (before they open) and young terminal plant parts (shoots) are used in making remedies. These are very powerful remedies in their actions and effects and are being recommended for various ailments.
By Appointment Only
Dr. Ranvir Pahwa PhD, MH, DHM, DNM, DAc, DrAc
1130 – 8th St. E.
Saskatoon, SK

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