Practitioner and Wellness Business Member Benefits

Wellness Connection is a Membership driven network. It is bringing together practitioners and wellness service providers, to inform, dialogue, and connect.  We are celebrating the power of natural medicine in the role of health creation and to celebrate wellness beyond merely the absence of disease. We welcome and invite individuals who are suffering from pain or disease, as well as those on the path to optimum wellness, to search for practitioners and services here. is focused on wellness of body, mind and spirit.

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Generous FREE Listings in our Directory

Advertising, Directory Listings, and Networking with other Members including:

  • Opportunity to add multiple FREE* listings: You can either choose to duplicate the same listing, in numerous categories by selecting the appropriate categories when submitting your listing, or put a separate listing in various appropriate categories (allowing you to vary the content the viewer sees to more accurately promote each category or service you provide). * PLEASE NOTE: When you are a MEMBER there is NO CHARGE for your listings. (Individual Listings fees are charged only to non-members). Member listings are FREE, with the exception that some special features in listings, such as Highlighting, may in cost $5 – 10 per year.
  • Opportunity to update (edit) your listings frequently – even once a week if you want.
  • Ability to network and send internal emails to other practitioners and service providers.
  • Ability to add reviews to your colleague’s listings.
  • Ability to send your patients or clients to your listing to add a review, testimonial, or recommendation (highly recommended).
  • An opportunity to assist in developing the network by referring your colleagues, who become members, and increase the networking opportunities from the site.

Professional Membership Benefits:
For professionals it is an opportunity to network, actively refer to one another, and to connect with existing and potential patients or clients in a way that has not been done before. List your practice/business and inform the public about your clinic/services. We welcome you to post local, or in clinic meet and greets, workshops or events as a way of connecting with patients/clients or the public. As a member you will benefit from savings on many useful products and services, through our Member Benefits offerings.

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Digital Magazine

Digital Quarterly Wellness Magazine for Your Clients/Patients

  • We provide our members with a copy of a digital wellness magazine¬† (SAMPLE: Click here to see sample) which they can distribute to their mailing list, giving you a way to connect with your prospects, patients/clients which is quick, informative, and convenient.
  • Note: We invite practitioners (who are members of this site) to submit articles for publication. This is a great opportunity. (All articles must be original and not in print on other sites.)

Sample Cover:

Wellness at work









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