Cells Controlled by Beliefs not by Genes: Dr. Bruce Lipton – Video

June 29, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Natural vs Big Pharma,Videos


Beliefs Control our Cells

If the genes control biology, then where would need to be 95,000 more genes than we thought. They thought they would get the blueprint to make a human, when they did the Genome Project. Our genes do not control our lives and our health as much as we previously thought. Dr. Bruce Lipton explains that the beliefs we hold, can change the manifestation of our genes. This is good news. If genes did determine our future, we would not be able to do much about our health destiny.

Dr. Bruce Lipton says: There are 70,000 parts in a cell. The building blocks of the cell are the protein. We can do most of the functions in a test tube. We can create muscle contraction in a test tube. The cell is a machine. It is made up of parts. The amino acids are the building blocks that make up the proteins.

The difference from one protein to the next is the length of the string and the order in which they occur. These amino acid structures, are determined by the length of the chain and the sequence, we can determine what is happening by changing the sequences. We can make a machine out of proteins but there is no life. The nucleus of the cell provides the reproductive life force.

Where does the life come from? When two like charges come together they repel, and when we bring two unlike charges together, it results in an attraction.

The nucleus are the gonads of the cell — they are the reproductive part of the cell. The membrane of the cell converts the environment signals into a behavioral response. As you see the environment, so is the way you will live your life.

If the membrane of the cell forms a barrier, so under the membrane of the cell is the barrier between the external world and the internal world. The most important part of the membrane is the protein. The proteins convert the signals from the environment into behaviors.

Dr. Bruce Lipton’s understanding of the way our beliefs effect our bodies, tells us that what we allow ourselves to believe, has a profound influence in how our life evolves. Perhaps it is the environmental signals that enable us to get results from many of the alternative modalities that cannot otherwise be explained by science.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, it is our perception of the environment around us that impacts our cells. The DNA is the blueprint of the protein.