Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

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Weight Loss Percentage Calculator

What percentage of your body weight have you lost, or do you want to lose? Use this handy calculator. Body fat is necessary for health, a minimum of fat for women is 8 – 12% and 3 – 5% in men.


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Calculating Body Fat

To calculate the percentage of fat, the total mass or weight of a person is divided by the weight of the fat stored in the body. It is essential for the body to have some fat in order to maintain life and reproductive functions. The percentage of essential body fat for women is greater than that for men, due to the demands of childbearing and other hormonal functions. The percentage of essential fat is 3–5% in men, and 8–12% in women (referenced through NASM).

Fat is stored in the body in adipose tissue, and plays a role in protecting internal organs in the chest and abdomen. There are numerous ways of measuring body fat. You can measure body fat through the use of calipers. You can measure body fat using bioelectrical impedence analysis.

Body fat is viewed as a measure of a persons fitness level, since it is the only method of measurement that calculates a persons body composition without regard for height or weight. BMI on the other hand compares the amount of adipose tissue (body fat) of individuals of different heights and weights.

While BMI largely increases as adiposity increases, due to differences in body composition, it is not an accurate indicator of body fat; for example, individuals with greater muscle mass will have higher BMIs. The thresholds between “normal” and “overweight” and between “overweight” and “obese” are sometimes disputed for this reason.

Utilizing these calculators can be informative. We recommend you visit a health care professional if you have concerns about your body fat ratio. There are other health factors that are effected based on your body fat ratio. The calculators on this site are not intended to be used in place of a visit to a healthcare provider, but can be helpful if used in conjunction with care from a professional healthcare provider.

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DISCLAIMER: The assessments are intended to help you determine if further assessment is necessary. These assessment tools have been provided for information only. The information contained in these resources does not constitute and should not be relied on as professional advice. Wellness Connection does not predict outcomes, or accept liability for the success of any of the materials presented in videos or on this website.


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