What is Homeopathy? Video

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Homeopathy is based on the theory that like treats like. Just because we do not see or feel the illness until it is quite severe. In 1796 Samuel Hahnemann, a German started the field of Homeopathic Medicine. It is now widely used in France, German and the British Royal Family have used homeopathy for three generations, as their main type of health care.

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Homeopathy is an alternative medicine, which believes that symptoms of a disease in healthy people will cure similar symptoms in a sick person. Any change that causes the disturbance in the intelligent energy that heals the body is interrupted, by weakness or deficiency. The invisible high energy of the medicine unlocks the healing of the body. The body has the innate ability to heal itself and this intelligent energy needs to be functioning at the highest level to make the body able to heal itself.

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Homeopaths select remedies by consulting reference books known as repertories, and by considering the totality of the patient’s symptoms, personal traits, physical and psychological state, and life history. Mental disorders, such as depression are rampant in our society. Homeopathy believes the theory of quantum physics. It treats the driver not the machine. The homeopathic approach treats energy with energy.

There are three main sources for homeopathic medicines – plants, animals and minerals. A single dose of homeopathic medicine is highly diluted tinctures. Classical Homeopathy patients are prescribed with a medicine that matches the patients own personality or vital force. The personality and severity of the symptoms is taken into account.

The other type of homeopathy is modern homeopathy and in addition to a holistic approach it uses single or a number of remedies to treat the patient. Mineral therapy treats the body at the cellular level treating the patient.

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The results of homeopathy are irrefutable in the eyes of people who have experienced life changing effects of homeopathy in their own lives. That does not mean that there aren’t naysayers. Homeopathy comes under a lot of flack from the medical community, who simply argue that homeopathy lacks scientific proof. A shift is happening. Individuals are becoming more aware, they are educating themselves, and choosing natural remedies. More and more people are wanting to take charge of their own health and want to experience more than the absence of disease. They want wellness.

Most medical treatments wait until you are sick to treat you and stop treatment as soon as there are no symptoms. However, how many times have you known someone who was diagnosed with cancer and the cancer had advanced to final stages. That cancer did not arrive only a few days before the diagnosis. It could have been growing for years with no symptoms. Also same for heart attacks. A heart attack is often the first symptom of heart disease. Is waiting for symptoms an effective way of creating wellness? Absence of symptoms is not enough. The alternative health industry is light years ahead of the medical community when it comes to approaching health from a preventative model.

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